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  • YearParkOpened: Original 31 acres: 1977; 117-acre expansion: 1996
  • Current Employment:770 FTE's (8/00 estimate)
  • Total Acres of Park:148.04 (fully platted & serviced)
  • Acres Sold / Occupied:48.09 (excludes 30.49 acres of street ROW's & Outlots A, B & C)
  • Acres Available:69.46 (excludes 30.49 acres of street ROW's & Outlots A, B & C)
  • List Price of Land:$12,500 per acre with full services
  • Environmental Clearance: Phase I & II Environ. Audits completed; no limitations on occupancy.
  • Tax Incentives:Entire park is a designated P.A. 198 Tax Abatement District


  • Interstate Highway Access:U.S.31    Distance:20 Miles

                                                                   U.S.131  Distance:25 Miles

  • State Trunkline Access:       M-82       Distance:Adjacent

                                      M-120 Distance:3 Miles

                                      M-20 Distance:7.5 Miles

                                      M-37 Distance:9.5 Miles

  • Airport Access:

Commercial: MuskegonCountyAirport       Distance:32 Miles

General Utility: FremontMunicipalAirport   Distance:1.5 Miles

(Two Asphalt Lighted Runways, Terminal, Fuel, Hangars, Airframe Maintenance)

  • Great LakesPort: Muskegon                  Distance:25 Miles
  • Railroad Access:CSX Transportation   Distance:Adjacent


  • Natural Gas: DTE                                                                          
  • Electricity (1- or 3-Phase Primary Voltage):Consumers Energy Company
  • Sanitary Sewer System:City of Fremont
  • Water Supply System:City of Fremont
  • Central Stormwater Control System:City of Fremont
  • PCS Wireless Service: NPI Wireless; Nextell, Alltel
  • Fiber-Optic Cable TV & Internet Access:Comcast Broadband
                                                                                (formerly AT&T)
  • Local Internet Access & Video Conferencing:  NCRES 
                                              NC Advanced Technology Service



See any local realtor (see list in membership directory)

Industrial Park Industrial Property
Locust Avenue, Fremont
Lot 18
Contact Todd Blake, City Manager, City of Fremont at (231) 924-2101